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Enterprise Quality Integrity Management Commitment

The company solemnly promises as follows:

1. Strictly abide by and implement the relevant laws and regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on Consumer Rights Protection, the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, the Standardization Law, and the Measurement Law.

2, to ensure integrity management, production and processing, sales, brand promotion, after-sales service activities to be honest and law-abiding, not to falsify.

3. Strive to build a corporate integrity culture, continuously improve the working environment and welfare of employees, and be brave in social responsibility.

4. The quality of the products shall be inspected and qualified, and the unqualified products shall not be pretending to be qualified commodities, and the counterfeit goods shall not be operated and sold, and no fake sales shall be made.

5. Ensure continuous improvement and improvement of the quality control system, and strengthen the management and improvement of the system operation.

6. Ensure that the products meet the required safety, health, hygiene and environmental quality requirements.

7. The materials provided at the time of application and application are guaranteed to be true.

8. Do not post false advertising information or make false publicity that is misleading.

9. Selling goods or providing services shall, in accordance with relevant regulations, issue invoices and credit cards that are correctly and legally valid.

10. According to the requirements of customers, provide comprehensive, true and clear information and vouchers about goods or services, conscientiously implement relevant laws and regulations, abide by their commitments, and earnestly carry out after-sales services.

11. The letter is the foundation, the reputation is the future, the letter is established, and the industry is known.

If the quality of the products of the enterprise leads to internal and external notification, return or destruction, the company is willing to accept the relevant treatments of the state and relevant treaties as required, and the resulting legal and economically responsible enterprises bear full responsibility.