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Quality Three Guarantees Service Commitment


1. Purpose


Further improve the handling specifications of the after-sales market feedback quality issues, timely eliminate and deal with the impact of product failure or product failure on customers, prevent re-qualification, ensure the company's product quality and service reputation, and win customer satisfaction.


2, scope of application


This specification applies to after-sales three-package service that has contracted with the company and/or has a business to live with.


3, rights and responsibilities


The marketing department is the leading department for handling after-sales service.


4, quality indicators


Installation feedback failure rate ≤ 10000PPM


Market feedback failure rate ≤4000 PPM


Market feedback assembly failure rate ≤ 4.91%


5, three packs of service content


5.1 Three-package responsibility scope


1) Three-package responsibility for the customer's manufacturing process: receiving the start of our contract product from the customer, and the defective product of our product before the customer's product is processed or used until the customer's product is delivered to its customer. Problem;


2) Three-package responsibility for the customer's use: starting from the customer's product to the customer's user, and during the processing or use of the customer's user, until the customer's product quality assurance period occurs Bad product problems.


5.2 Where all of the following requirements are within our responsibility, and we cause damage or damage to personnel or property, we shall bear all actual expenses such as working hours, materials, travel expenses, and customer claims: p>                 

1) Problems due to defects in the design, manufacture or packaging of contract products and problems in the transportation and storage process;


2) The customer finds that the product is unqualified during the inspection and acceptance. After confirmation by both parties, we shall bear the relevant expenses incurred by the customer during the inspection and acceptance;


3) Due to problems caused by our design flaws, even if I provide the drawings to the customer and get the confirmation from the customer, we cannot waive our responsibility for design defects;


4) Loss of production or stoppage or retention of customers or customers due to our quality problems;


5) Three-package fees incurred by the customer's users to the customer or us due to our quality problems;


6) All costs incurred when the user's vehicle is recalled due to our quality problems;


7) Travel expenses, insurance premiums, etc. incurred by the customer to deal with customer complaints when necessary;


8) After the contract product is sold, the quality that occurs during the quality assurance period is poor;


9) After the contract product is sold, although it is outside the quality assurance period, it is indeed harmful to the user's interests due to the poor quality of the contract product;


10) Major accidents caused by poor quality of contract products;


11) The corporate image and product reputation of customers and users are damaged due to poor quality of contract products;


12) We have not notified the project or arbitrarily changed the contract product without the customer's consent;


13) Quality issues caused by our other responsibilities.


5.3 Calculation standard for three-package fee


Customers found our case defective products during the assembly process. The calculation standard for the three-package fee is:


Three bags of fees = {parts purchase price (excluding tax) × number of defective products × D + purchase price of scrapped parts (excluding tax) or sales price of self-made parts (excluding tax) + rework, Repair fee


5.4 Customer Management Coefficient


1) According to the results of our last quarter's poor supply rate, we decided on the management factor for this quarter


In the last quarter, the supply defect rate was ≤50ppm: D=1.2


In the last quarter, the non-performing rate was >50ppm: D=1.5


2) When the customer's product is reworked or reworked due to the quality of our products, the rework and repair fee are calculated as follows:


Rework, repair fee = rework, return work hours × 50 yuan / hour;


3) Due to the quality of our products, the customer's whole machine is scrapped. The amount of the three-package fee = the sales price of the whole machine (excluding tax);


4) Due to the quality of our products, the customer will stop working and stop the line, and the direct loss of the customer will be suspended or stopped;


5) If there is a batch or serious failure in the switched domestically produced parts, we cannot meet the needs of the customer's production. When the customer purchases the substitutes (such as ordering from abroad), the price of the products occurs. The difference and additional expenses (tariff, transportation, customs clearance, foreign trade agency and insurance costs) shall be borne by us;


6) The above three packages include the cost of customer failure investigation and testing and identification caused by the poor quality of our products.


5.5 Three-Package Fees for Customer's Users in Use


1) The direct expenses incurred by the customer (the OEM, the owner) in submitting the three-package liability include: travel expenses, transportation expenses, insurance premiums, etc.:


a. Travel expenses are calculated based on the relevant provisions of the customer travel expenses, based on the actual reimbursement of employee travel expenses;


b. Transportation and insurance are calculated based on the amount actually incurred.


2) The actual cost incurred during the repair process (including the test and analysis fee) is associated with the loss:


a. Cost of replacement parts = market price of parts (including tax) + rework time. Or the sales price of self-made parts (excluding tax) + rework time. (50 yuan / hour at the customer, according to the actual amount at the user);


b. If the machine is scrapped, the cost is the sales price of the whole machine (excluding tax).


3) For the three-package liability for batch failure or replacement due to batch failure or serious quality failure due to our responsibility, in addition to the three-package fee according to the above terms, the joint liability shall also be calculated. Loss of costs. If the customer purchases the substitutes (such as ordering from abroad) in order to ensure the production of the customer's users, the difference and additional costs incurred shall be borne by us.


4) The amount of cash compensation the customer has for the customer's user.


5) The customer's export engine is defective due to the poor quality of our parts. Related costs incurred in handling a failure, including:


a. All expenses incurred by the customer, our party or both parties to the scene;


b. All expenses incurred by the client entrusting foreign maintenance personnel;


c.Quality disputes and corresponding claims and joint claims, recalls, etc. (as required by the laws and regulations of the respective countries);


d. All expenses such as communication fees, testing and appraisal fees, postage fees, etc. incurred by customers due to investigation quality problems.


6) Special regulations


a. If the product is changed without authorization from our customers, we will pay the customer a penalty of 5000-20,000 yuan;


b. Due to our quality reasons, batches (≥30 units) of parts returned or replaced on the engine or the whole vehicle, or caused the customer's customers to stop/stop the line, causing strong complaints from customers, except In addition to the above-mentioned three-package responsibility, depending on the batch size and severity of the defective products, I will pay the customer a separate fee of 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. For repeated batch failures, the cost of the three packs is doubled;


c. Due to our responsibility, the customer's whole machine product has a major batch quality accident, which has a significant impact on the customer's reputation, or when the product is recalled, we must pay the customer 100,000-500,000 yuan separately. Credit loss fees.


5.6 Trial and Judgment of Three Guarantees


1) After receiving the “Quality Three Guarantees Fee Notice” from the customer, we shall complete the certification of the three guarantees and expenses within 5 working days, and notify the customer of the result of the determination;


2) If we fail to respond or fail to file an objection within the time limit, the customer considers that we have agreed to the three-pack responsibility and fees;


3) When we disagree with the above-mentioned three-package responsibility and expenses, the customer will negotiate with us.


5.7 Payment of Three Guarantees Fees


After the three-package fee is confirmed by both parties, the customer will send a three-pack fee payment notice to us. We shall pay the three-package fee within one of the following ways within 30 days:


A: Cash payment;


B: Deducted from our payment.


5.8 Disposal of defective products


1) In principle, the defective products are recycled by us. The customer temporarily stores the defective products and promptly informs us to retrieve them. We should reply to the recycling suggestions within one week. If we refuse to retrieve it, or if we are unable to retrieve it within 30 days from the date of the customer's notification to us, we can consider that we have waived the defective product and we have the right to abandon the quality right. We will no longer raise objections when implementing the treatment;


2) The expenses incurred by us when we retrieve the defective products are taken care of by ourselves;


3) If we have actual difficulties in recovering the defective products, we can entrust the customer to assist in the return of the defective products in writing, and the expenses incurred by us will be borne by us.