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Customer complaint handling procedures


1 Purpose


To solve and satisfy the customer's feedback quality information, improve customer market response speed, improve customer satisfaction, promote and support sales work, and require relevant departments to make timely response system.


2 range


Applicable to the timely response of the company's customers to the quality information, suggestions and other feedbacks from various departments.


3 definition


The external feedback quality issues include: feedback on the shape, performance, design and other issues of the company's products, quality problems in the installation process and feedback on the quality of the three guarantees.


4 Responsibilities


4.1 The information collection department (the department other than the marketing department) timely transmits the feedback from the customer to the marketing department, which is registered by the marketing department and then transmitted to the relevant department. The relevant departments timely respond to the work and carry out the existing problems in the factory. Find and solve product problems to prevent products with similar problems from flowing out;


4.2 Marketing Department is responsible for collecting and providing quality feedback and delivery of customer feedback;


4.3 The production department is responsible for arranging personnel to check and solve the same product quality problems in the factory;


4.4 Quality Department is responsible for the quality feedback of customer feedback in a timely manner;


4.5Technology Department is responsible for customer feedback technology (internal control standards and host standards, etc.), quality analysis, and rectification plan;


4.6 Cooperate with relevant departments to support the rectification measures required by customers to feedback quality information.


5 Program Content


5.1 External feedback quality problem response execution program


5.1.1 The marketing department receives the quality feedback from the customer in written form and email form, fills in the “External Feedback Quality Question Registration Form”, and sends the form to the Technical Department and Quality Department after registration;


5.1.2 The salesperson receives feedback from the customer during the business trip, and can provide feedback through email and phone, but first notify the marketing department to register, and then pass the quality department and technical issues;


5.1.3 Quality feedback of the quality department, according to the difficulty of handling the problem, complete the reply work on the limited working day;


5.1.4 The technical department cooperates with the quality department to complete the response to the technical quality problems in the external feedback;


5.1.5 If the quality of the feedback relates to the current production in the factory (or the same kind of products that are being shipped from the factory), the quality department should immediately transfer it to the production department, and the person in charge of the production department immediately organizes the relevant personnel to the same product. Do related unpacking inspections, inspections, and repair of quality problems or product replacement;


5.1.6 If there are major technical problems in the external feedback quality problem, the technical department should immediately arrange relevant technical personnel to solve the technical problem and re-verify or design the new technical solution when receiving technical quality feedback;


5.1.7 In case of particularly serious technical, quality problems and special circumstances, it should be reported to the general manager immediately.


5.2 External feedback quality question response request


5.2.1 The quality department received the customer quality feedback delivered by the marketing department, and responded to the general quality questions in written and mailed form, two working days;


5.2.2 The quality department received the customer quality feedback delivered by the marketing department. The quality department cooperated with the technical department to analyze the small batch quality problems. Involving relevant departments, the relevant departments shall promptly search for the cause analysis, and the technical department shall determine the rectification plan and rectification measures, and reply within five working days;


5.2.3 The quality department receives the customer quality feedback delivered by the marketing department. If there is a large quality problem, the quality department cooperates with the technical department to analyze the relevant departments, and the relevant departments timely find the cause analysis, which is determined by the technical department. Rectification plan and rectification measures, if necessary, convene a “special quality analysis meeting” to determine the rectification plan and rectification measures, and reply within seven working days;


5.2.4 In case of major and complicated technical and quality problems, it should be reported to the general manager immediately, and then decided by the general manager;


5.2.5 The technical department proposes changes or plans for the proposed quality feedback problem, proposes solutions and execution plans (including data changes, product and part drawing changes), and is responsible for changes in related documents (including work instructions) , control plans, etc.) and the preparation of relevant documents;


5.2.6 According to the customer's quality feedback, the production department should complete the problem check and settlement on the same day or within one working day for more urgent problems (like the batch is being prepared for delivery);


5.2.7 According to the customer's quality feedback, the production department should complete the problem inspection and settlement within three working days to seven working days;


5.2.8 The response to the external feedback quality problem must be timely and effective. The relevant personnel can be organized to analyze and handle the problem at any time, propose corrective and preventive measures, and continuously improve the service quality of the product.


5.3 Other Requirements


5.3.1 Quality Department based on customer quality feedback, identify the reasons, clarify the quality responsibility, responsibility to the department or individual;


5.3.2 Take corrective and preventive measures to prevent it from happening again;


5.3.3 After the customer has a quality feedback problem, if necessary, dispatch relevant personnel to visit the customer in time, conduct on-site investigation with the customer, learn more about the details of the product quality problem, and make a good investigation record;


5.3.4 Investigators should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, conduct in-depth and meticulous investigation and research work, ensure that they arrive on time, and deal with problems in the customer in a timely manner until the problem is satisfactorily resolved;


5.3.5 The investigator's investigation record of the visiting customer and the customer's assessment opinion are returned to the department registration and reported to the superior leader.