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After-sales service management regulations


Section 1 General


Article 1 This Regulation is formulated to regulate the company's current customer complaint handling procedures, to ensure the smooth handling of customer complaints, to handle customer complaints in a timely and effective manner, to avoid delays resulting in more losses, and to improve customer satisfaction.


Article 2 This Regulation applies to complaints arising out of the use of company products.


Article 3 The duties and responsibilities of the departments covered by this Regulation.


1. Marketing Department: Acceptance of customer complaints, review of feedback customer complaints and follow-up delivery and implementation of relevant after-sales documents and establishment of files.


2. Quality Department: Assist the Customer Service Department in the investigation and investigation of the situation, the approval of the customer complaints, and the analysis, correction and prevention measures for the problems.


3. Finance Department: The expenses involved in customer complaints are accounted for.


Second Section Assignment Procedures and Content


Article 4 Acceptance of Complaints


1. The marketing department receives customer complaints and needs to know the customer's reflection or product usage. The registration items include customer name, contact information, customer location, product name, purchase time, and reflection phenomenon:                 

2, the customer directly reports to the local dealer, the dealer is responsible for handling, for the dealer can not handle it by himself, it is responsible for filling out the "Complaint Handling Report", must analyze the reasons and sign the handling suggestions and fax to the company marketing Department:


Article 5 Financial Accounting


1. The original “Complaint Handling Report” approved by the Marketing Department and the “After-sales Service Confirmation Form” returned by the dealer will be written off and submitted to the financial account, which shall be hedged by the financial report. The accounts are registered and processed, and the marketing department copies a copy of the database for future reference.


2. The Finance Department will process the bills in the current month after receiving the processing documents that have been effectively approved.


The third section of the after-sales service processing


Article 6 The main basis for after-sales service processing is the national standards and industry standards that have been promulgated and implemented.


Article 7 If the sales are determined to be quality problems, the company will be responsible for the return process.


Fourth Section After-sales Service Processing Specification


Article 8 If the dealer deliberately delays and does not resolve it in time; there is a major incident such as media exposure that affects the brand image of Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Electromechanical Co., Ltd. or causes serious damage to the company's reputation and reputation; the company has the right to punish its brand. Margin and cancel its local distribution rights, and investigate dealer compensation and legal liability.