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Loader fixed-variable hydraulic system

Technical characteristics

When standby state, variable pump minimum displacement, fixed pump low pressure unloading, reduce pressure loss;

The steering system is supplied by the variable pump, and the pump output flow size depends on the load requirements;

Shift to priority. Variable pump priority to supply oil to the steering system to ensure the safety of the loader;

Fixed pump and variable pump on-demand combined shunt oil supply work system,When the flow rate is small, only the fixed pump supplies oil to the working system. When the load demand flow increases, the fixed pump and the variable pump combine to supply oil to the working system, which not only ensures the working efficiency of the loader, but also has energy saving effect;

Full variable characteristics,Variable pump flow and the output flow of the fixed pump after the flow control valve, fully matched flow demand;

The fixed-variable hydraulic system is more efficient than the fixed-pump system, especially in low-flow conditions, with significant energy savings。

25MPa 350L/min

Main application areas

4~6 tons loader hydraulic system

Technical Parameters

Steering Pump

Swash Plate axial piston pump 75cc/r Load sensing  valve 2MPa Constant pressure shut-off valve 24Mpa

Working pump

gear pump 80cc/r rated pressure 25MPa

Multiple unit valve

GMV32H rated pressure 25MPa overload pressure 15~31.5MPa
Pilot valveCRV,Operating pressures 0.5~2.5MPa

Logic control valve

Flow Amplification ValveZLF25F,output flow 87~120L/min

Shuttle valve

Flow control valveFCV20

Hydraulic system schematic


Shape connection size